Downloading and Installing Ding Unity

Ding Unity offers more features than Ding Standard, including fully animated 3D ropes. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.


Download Ding Unity by clicking the appropriate button below.

You are running 64-bit Windows. Download Ding Unity by clicking the button below.

If you need the 32-bit Windows version, click here

You are running 32-bit Windows. Download Ding Unity by clicking the button below.

If you need the 64-bit Windows version, click here

If you are having trouble downloading and installing, see the Installing on Windows page.

Apple Mac

  1. Download the file ding.dmg by clicking on the button below
  1. Find the file (usually in Downloads or maybe on your Desktop) and double click it - this will mount a virtual drive called Ding.
  2. Double click that to open it. You'll see a new window with a file called ding.
  3. Drag that file to your applications folder (Finder/Go/Applications).
  4. Right click that file (don't double click it) and select Open.
  5. When warned it may contain a virus, click on Continue.

That's it - it's installed. You can create a shortcut and drag it to your Dock so it can be opened by a single click.


  1. Download the file by clicking on the button below.
  1. Extract the zip file to the directory of your choice.
  2. Make the file 'ding' executable - chmod 777 ding
  3. Run it!


The Android version works on phones and tablets; however, it is better if you run it on a tablet. You are also at a disadvantage with Android phones because they are not as fast as PCs and because you don't have a wired connection, so use a computer in preference to a phone when you can. On the plus side, installing Ding on Android is extremely easy, and keeping it up to date is no effort.

Click the Download button to download Ding Unity for Android from the Google Play Store.

You can also find it on Play Store on your phone or tablet - although there are a number of other programs also called Ding!

iPad / iPhone

We don't currently have a version for iPads and iPhones - we have the bells but we need a bellhanger - so if you are an Apple Developer able to compile XCode and upload to the Apple Store then please get in touch.